Author: Jon Loftus

Going Google

The University is Going Google and CEST is helping lead the way! Since 2008 CEST has used Google Calendars to manage scheduling of Center assets. For students this meant an easy way to integrate their own Google manages email and calendaring system with ours. That wasn’t always as easy with Staff and Faculty.

The University’s switch to using Google as our sole email service will remove the barrier of using and even creating a brand new Google account just to schedule time on our equipment.

We don't expect that everything will be perfect, though. There is a chance that we will have to create a brand new set of calendars for the instruments and that Users will have to get their permissions all over again. But that's just a small chance.

But Google isn’t just email and calendars. This will give all University personnel access to 6 GB of storage space on Google Drive. On many of our devices, you can quickly save your data from instrument to your drive with no need for a USB memory device.

Another great benefit to this change may seem like a small one, but we think it will make communication a great deal better: the creation of Groups! Groups will be something that you can opt into. If you use the ICP-OES or the FT-IR you can join the group for that instrument. When we have specific news about an instrument we'll send an email out just to that group. No more Mass Mails to all of our Users just because of a single instrument. Plus, the groups are open, so you can enter and leave as you see fit.

If you haven’t yet, go to OIT’s Going Google page to ┬ásee what you will need to know in order to make this transition smoothly.