Author: Jon Loftus

CEST Annual Safety and Use Sessions


CEST will be presenting their brief, targeted, safety talk for Users this week. As we have in the past, Andy Welding from Risk Management will join us to discuss Radiation safety for working around radioactive samples.

The topics will cover the use of the systems, the challenges of using pooled resources, and some very specific safety issues to be aware of in the Center.

All CEST users must attend one of these annual meetings to maintain access privileges. Advisors who do not work in CEST do not have to attend, and high school students who are just observing in CEST do not have to attend, but all other actual CEST users must attend.

Session times and locations:

Thursday, September 18, 201410:00 am, DeBartolo Hall 101
Friday, September 19, 201410:00 am, DeBartolo Hall 140
Friday, September 19, 20141:00 pm, DeBartolo Hall 117

If you are unable to attend, we will hold one make-up session in October.