Author: Jon Loftus


    To:             Faculty and Doctoral Students
    From:         Dr. Jeremy Fein, CEST Director
    Re:             CEST Predoctoral Research Fellowship Annual Competition
    Date:          April 1, 2016

The Center for Environmental Science & Technology (CEST) at the University of Notre Dame is pleased to announce the 2016-2017 CEST/Bayer Predoctoral Research Fellowship competition. The CEST/Bayer Predoctoral Research Fellowship is a 12-month fellowship for doctoral students in any area of environmental science or environmental engineering. We are pleased to announce that we anticipate awarding the equivalent of five full CEST/Bayer Predoctoral Research Fellowships again this year. However, we encourage students to request half-fellowships when possible, with the remainder covered by other sources such as faculty research grants.

The requirements are that the doctoral student has passed his or her comprehensive Ph.D. examination(s) (written and/or oral) by April 29, 2016, is a candidate in good standing for the Ph.D., and their doctoral research is relevant to the environment. Additionally, faculty advisor(s) must have funds and facilities available to support the timely completion of the student's research. Proposals will be evaluated on the merit of the student’s environmental science or environmental engineering research, the necessity of using CEST facilities for the research (and the equipment that will be used should be described explicitly), the likelihood for success, and the accomplishments of the student to date. In general, preference will be given to applicants who have not previously received a CEST/Bayer Fellowship award. Proposals from students of junior faculty are particularly encouraged, as long as the students meet the fellowship requirements. Interdisciplinary and/or co-advised proposals will also be given special consideration, to promote collaborative research on campus.

The CEST/Bayer Fellowship will provide support for the 2016/2017 academic year and the summer of 2016. Half fellowships will be awarded as follows: support for one semester and half of the 2016 summer will be covered. Tuition is to be provided by the student's major department.

Applications (hardcopies) are due on or before FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016 no later than 5:00 p.m., and should be mailed or delivered to Professor Jeremy Fein, 156 Fitzpatrick Hall. The successful applicants will be notified by May 13, 2016. Applications must consist of the following:

1. No more than a two-page description by the doctoral student of his or her research and its relevance to environmental studies, as they are broadly defined, and an explicit explanation of how the research involves CEST facilities. If applying for a renewal of a previous CEST/Bayer award, this description should include an overview of how the previous funds were used.

2. A transcript of courses taken at the University of Notre Dame. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

3. Verification from the departmental Graduate Studies Director that the student has passed his or her comprehensive examinations (written and/or oral) by April 29, 2016 and is in good standing as a candidate for the Ph.D.

4. A letter from the faculty advisor(s) in support of the student's application for the Bayer Predoctoral Research Fellowship, including details of current research support available to the faculty advisor(s).  The research advisor should indicate that he or she has sufficient funds and facilities available to permit the timely completion of the student's proposed research. If the advisor is writing a letter for more than one of their own students, the letters should rank the needs and merits of the applicants.

The successful applicant will be required to: (1) provide a progress report at the end of the fellowship period to the Center on their research activities during the fellowship;  (2) acknowledge receipt of the fellowship in any publications and presentations resulting from research conducted over the course of the fellowship; and (3) devote an average of 2 hours per week working in the CEST laboratories, assisting CEST staff in Center-related activities.

Please direct any questions regarding the competition to the Center Director:
Dr. Jeremy Fein (